About Us

Limestone was founded in 2001 with a clear mandate to bring fresh eyes to a stagnating property market. We quickly became the go-to development agency for new developments due to our differentiated approach in both development design and financial engineering around property.

Our Values

Limestone pioneered the buy to let boom in Sandton in the early 2000s, by converting previously designated land for commercial development to residential development. We also designed the products to be perfect for buy to let investors by ensuing that the underlying rental that was achievable on theses properties was a significant portion of the cost of the debt. This allowed investors to buy these properties and the vast majority of their bonds was covered by the rental income achieved by their tenants.


Passion is key and we still have the passion and love for property and will continue to deliver exceptional products in our every changing environment. We used all the knowledge and expertise we had learned over the previous 7 years and applied in to our very own developments, still ensuring the value proposition to our clients and delivering best in class at affordable prices.

Why should you choose us?

We can help you!

We have done it all before. This means we can assist with any property requirement saving you time and sanity.

We innovate

We have several development that have been completed and with many more to come, rest assured we know what you need to build a home.

We’re in control

We manage our developments, sales, rentals and property management. We know how and we can help you. Period.

Our History

Limestone Residential Properties was founded in 2007, created out of a need to service the industry and Limestone Investment Properties existing clients. We offer a full turn key solution for existing clients, which include selling existing properties in their portfolios to rationalize incumbent profits. Managing the rentals of these portfolio properties, to ensure that cash flow implications of ownership are minimized.

Limestone Residential Properties has a strong affiliation to Limestone Properties who are the premier "off-plan" marketing agency in Gauteng. We have a synergetic relationship which enables Limestone Residential Properties to manage their clients from transfer of their investment properties, either by renting these investments out, or by reselling them to realize capital.